Privacy Statement

Last updated: 30.04.2022


Currently, we do not collect any data in the app. No data is transferred via internet to our servers.

Our game currently does not require an internet connection.

In the future, we might need an internet connection for the Oculus Voice SDK since Voice processing happens on the Facebook servers.

We might collect anonymised data in the future for statistical analysis of how features are being used in the game. You will receive communication in advance when we decide to do this.


2.1 Server log files

Our website is hosted via We do not have access to the server log files.

2.2 E-mail newsletter

You have the option to sign up for our newsletter. This service is provided by MailChimp, which is also responsible for handling, processing and storing your email address.

After signing up, you have the option - at any time - to revoke this action by clicking "unsubscribe" in any of our newsletter mails.

2.3 Cookies

Our website is based on We do not control the cookies they set. However, is GDPR compliant and you have the option to opt-out of any unnecessary cookies.

2.4 Google Anlytics

We currently do not use Google Analytics, but might do so in the future.